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Which aluminum plate supplier is good? Mingtai Aluminum said

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2020-02-04

In recent years, the strength is high, density is small, corrosion-resistant aluminum plate is favored in the market. But where to choose the right aluminum plate, how to find reliable aluminum plate supplier has made many people difficult. Which aluminum plate supplier is good? Mingtai Aluminum said so.
The selection of reliable aluminum sheet suppliers needs to be considered from multiple aspects. The following three factors must be considered:
1. Whether there are three certificates, namely business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, commonly known as the enterprise three certificate. When choosing an aluminum sheet supplier, consumers should actively request to check whether the company's credentials are complete and the names are consistent , which is an intuitive way to judge whether aluminum plate suppliers are regular. In addition, customers can check the enterprise information of aluminum plate suppliers from third-party platforms such as sky eye and enterprise check.
2. Business hours. Although the length of business hours is not directly related to the strength and formality of aluminum sheet manufacturers, but a company that has been operating in the industry for more than 20 years is definitely more professional than the new company just established.
3. Production capacity. First of all, the production capacity represents the strength of the company. Generally speaking, the stronger the production capacity of the aluminum plate supplier is, the stronger its overall strength will be. Secondly, the production capacity also determines the length of the delivery period. The stronger the production capacity, the shorter the delivery time, and vice versa.
The survey shows that the number of aluminum products per capita in developed countries is 67.3 kg, while the per capita aluminum use in China is only 3.21 kg, less than developed country 20 times. With the accelerated pace of urbanization in China, China's per capita aluminum consumption will further increase on a stable basis, and market demand will also increase steadily. Therefore, the selection of reliable aluminum plate supplier is particularly important.
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