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What are the common states of 5083 aluminum plate for ships? Is the price the same?

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2020-02-14

When it comes to Marine aluminum plate, the first thing that comes to mind is 5083 aluminum plate, which belongs to 5-series aluminum magnesium alloy, and is widely used in ships and yachts at present. Medium-thick aluminum plates are mostly used. Commonly used states are H111, H112, H116, and H321. It is an aluminum alloy material commonly used by shipbuilding enterprises at home and abroad.
What is the difference between the different states of 5083 marine aluminum plate?
H state is a common state of finished aluminum plate, which represents that the aluminum plate has been processed and hardened to improve the strength, and then subdivided into several states. Among them, the 5083h111 state is suitable for products with proper work hardening after final annealing, but the work hardening degree is not as good as that of H11 state. The 5083H112 state is suitable for the free processing state of hot rolled plate, and the product is hot processed. 5083H116 state is suitable for products made of 5 series alloys with magnesium content ≥4.0%. 5083h321 state performance stability.
How much is the quotation of 5083 Marine aluminum plate manufacturer?
The price of aluminum plate has a certain relationship with the market price of aluminum ingots, manufacturer costs, and product specifications. For the above different states, the performance is different, the processing methods are different, and the quotation is different. And the price of 5083 marine aluminum plate with different thickness and width is not the same, the specific quotation also needs to consult the professional sales staff of the manufacturer. Mingtai Aluminum offers a free quote for everyone. Please click the online inquiry on the right to send the specifications (thickness, width), status, usage and other information of the required product. The manufacturer will arrange sales staff to respond to the quote within 30 minutes.
Mingtai aluminum industry 5083 Marine aluminum plate manufacturer
The 5083 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum has high tensile strength, high elongation, easy processing and forming, and cutting without deformation. It is used in shipbuilding,and has passed CCS China Classification Society certification, DNV Norwegian Classification Society certification, ABS United States Classification society certification, LR British classification society certification and BV French Bureau Veritas certification. 
Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has accumulated a wealth of aluminum processing technology production and service experience. 5083 aluminum plate can be customized according to user needs, the widest 2650mm, the thickest 500mm, is one of the few can produce ultra-wide ultra-thick aluminum plate manufacturers. In addition, Mingtai Aluminum also provides a variety of aluminum plates for industrial, construction, automotive, and electronic products,guarantee quality and cheap, welcome to order!


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