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6000 series aluminum alloy-6082t651 aluminum plate

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2020-03-07

6000 series aluminum alloy-6082t651 aluminum plate
6082t651 aluminum plate price, 6082 aluminum plate, 6 series aluminum alloy
6082 aluminum plate is an alloy aluminum plate with better production technology among 6 series aluminum plates. The 6 series aluminum alloy plate is mainly composed of magnesium and silicon. Its alloy state is mainly t state, including t4, t6 and t651 states. 6082t651 aluminum plate is widely used in many fields from thin plate to thick plate. Among them, the ultra-wide and ultra-thick 6082 aluminum plate produced is more used in transportation fields such as vehicle and ship manufacturing.
Performance and Application of Mingtai Aluminum High Quality 6082t651 Aluminum Sheet
6000 series aluminum alloy-6082t651 aluminum plate
6082t651 aluminum plate price, 6082 aluminum plate, 6000 series aluminum plate use
6082t651 aluminum alloy plate
6082t651 aluminum plate is a representative aluminum alloy product with medium strength, corrosion resistance and welding performance, which is easy to process. Based on the above characteristics, the products processed by the 6082t651 aluminum plate are suitable for manufacturing parts such as medium-loaded welded pipes and liquid containers that require high plasticity and corrosion resistance. Mingtai Aluminum 6082t651 aluminum plate is mainly used in shipbuilding and is a high-quality aluminum plate material for the marine transportation industry. 6082t651 aluminum plate can also be used as rust-proof aluminum plate. Its rust-proof aluminum strength is about 20% higher than the same 6 series products. The rust-proof aluminum aluminum plate cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, has low strength and high plasticity.
6000 series aluminum alloy-6082t651 aluminum plate
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6082t651 aluminum plate is used as marine aluminum plate, which reduces the hull quality and prolongs the service life of the ship; applied to the tanker body, it can reduce the weight of each tanker body by 3-5 tons, thereby reducing the body inertia, At the same time, the effect of energy saving and emission reduction can also be achieved. At present, Mingtai Aluminum's products and related technologies have matured, and can produce aluminum plates, aluminum strips and aluminum foil products in various alloy states of 1-8 series. In addition, the commissioning of Mingtai Aluminum's 1 + 1 production line has greatly enhanced the company's production capacity and product range. Mingtai Aluminum will continue to increase scientific research investment, continuous innovation and improvement, and will provide our customers with the highest quality products.


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