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Aluminum alloys covers have many advantages in respond to the environmental protection policy

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2019-09-25

With the economic development, the rapid development of China's beverage industry, the demand for aluminum seal is also increasing rapidly. At present, the majority of domestic aluminum processing enterprises are developing the production of aluminum cover material, environmental awareness is growing, and now every processing enterprises are vying for environmental manufacturers, making aluminum caps with caps can not but say that it is an environmental behavior, Traditional plastic is not only harmful to the environment, but can not So what are the advantages of making aluminum caps in the end?



1, aluminum cover with high quality aluminum production, special hygiene, will not rust, easy to open, without auxiliary tools, open, the cap is destructive, which can effectively prevent piracy.

2, aluminum cover has a good cushion, seismic, heat insulation, moisture, chemical corrosion, etc., and non-toxic, non-absorbent, can not afford to dust peeling scaling, increased sealing performance is very good.

3, aluminum cover can be done according to customer requirements, high temperature, water-resistant, alcohol-resistant, pattern design can use color printing, Braille, milling words.

4, sealed aluminum cover pad with professional Epoxy material and advanced production technology, so that it has a sealed bottle sealed, the cover surface has a larger plane, so that the printing of various text logo patterns, caps more beautiful, Also make your product more ornamental and value.

Henan Mingtai Aluminium has advanced production technology, the force to do environmentally friendly manufacturers, production of aluminum alloy caps in the market good sales, product quality and superior performance, has reached the international advanced level. With the development of the market, domestic manufacturers can seize the opportunity to achieve greater growth in domestic and international markets.be recycled, but aluminum can.


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