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Alloy Sheet 5052 Aluminum plate UK price per pound

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2020-05-06

Alloy Aluminum Sheet 5052 plate In UK
China manufacturers and suppliers supply Alloy Sheet 5052 Aluminum plate UK price per pound
henan mingtai aluminum is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Alloy Sheet 5052 Aluminum plate In UK with more than 20 years’ experience. Our main products include: various alloy of aluminum plate, strip, foil, color-coated aluminum coil, aluminum embossed sheet, diamond aluminum plate, aluminum foil . Mingtai Al. can manufacture Alloy Sheet 5052 Aluminum plate In UK with many alloy and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers` need.
5052 represents the product’s grade, with 5 at the beginning, representative of the product belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy products, and then according to chemical composition can see the product of magnesium alloy content of 2.2-2.8%, the density is 2.68. H32 on behalf of the product processing state H can be understood as incomplete annealing and processing hardening state, that is the product thorough annealing process, degradation of the hardness suitable for processing molding, and in order to avoid the product hardness is too soft, and the appropriate work hardening. The 32 on behalf of the modified product after a stable treatment hardness of 1/4. Usually the last number of the Arabic numerals and hardness values are directly related, such as H32 H34 H24 h18, the last Arabic numerals represent the hardness, in the same grade aluminum, the bigger Arabic numerals are, the higher the hardness is, such as H34 hardness is higher than H32, the most soft temper is O state, more suitable as a stretch material.
5052 aluminum sheet with the temper of H32 mans the aluminum-magnesium alloy with magnesium content is in the vicinity of 2.5%, after a stable treatment of incomplete annealing plus hardening processing state, the hardness is 1 / 4. Usually the product corrosion resistance is strong, the surface oxidation effect is good, bending ability is good, 90 degrees bending does not crack, is a typical sheet metal material, suitable for chassis cabinets and the classic materials of other products need to bend.
Alloy Aluminum Sheet 5052 plate In UK Our advantages:
20+ years focus on aluminum manufacture only
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Alloy Sheet 5052 Aluminum plate In UK price per pound calculation method:
Mingtai aluminum sheet/strip/foil/coil price includes two parts: Changjiang spot A00 aluminum ingot average closing price on the day of delivery + processing fee. Since the aluminum ingot price fluctuates daily, so the  aluminum sheet/strip/foil/coil price will be a little bit different. If you want to know 8079 O H22 H24 pharmaceutical foil price per ton, please feel free to contact us.


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