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customized zise of 3104 h19 aluminium plate made in china

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2020-01-04

customized zise of 3104 h19  aluminium plate made in china
China aluminum sheet manufacturer supply customized zise of 3104 H19 aluminium plate made in china
Mingtai Aluminu is a renowned public aluminum sheet manufacturer of 3104 H19aluminium plate made in china. customized zise of 3104 H19aluminium plate made in china, Presently, the company’s products cover aluminum alloy products of Series 1xxx, Series 3xxx, Series 4xxx, Series 5xxx, Series 6xxx, Series 7xxx, Series 8xxx of different sizes. Main products include various alloy of aluminum plate, strip, foil, aluminum coil, aluminum embossed sheet, diamond aluminum plate. Those products are widely applied in industries including automobile making, traffic and transportation, packaging and containers, buildings and decorations, electrical and electronic, printing, etc.

The 3104 H19 aluminium plate made in china is the Al-Mn alloy series, it is a deformed aluminum alloy, the main temper is H12, H14, H16, H18, H34, O, etc , and the maximum resistance can be controlled at greater than or equal to 275MPA, and the elongation can reach 20%. 3104 aluminium plate made in china has a good deep drawing performance, suitable for thinning drawing lightweight to reduce material consumption, material requirements in each process strictly of tank, in order to get the high quality billet, from casting to hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing processes are under strict control, key control thickness, plate type, surface, mechanical properties and all the members of the opposite sex, etc., so that the aluminum sheet can have a suitable strength and form-ability.
Features customized zise of 3104 H19 aluminium plate made in china
Because 3104 aluminum plate has the appropriate elongation, good corrosion resistance, good processing performance, so we can according to different application requirements for smelting and processing into different hardness alloy state.
Comfortable, light, durable, economic, environmental protection.
A good deep drawing performance and tensile strength, elongation of up to 20%.
Anti-corrosion performance, processing performance is good.


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