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Aluminum sheet for fuel tanker trailer 5454 5182 5083

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2019-09-06

Mingtai aluminum is a Aluminum sheet for fuel tanker trailer 5454 5182 5083 manufacturer and supplier, delivering to the whole of the world. we are ISP9001:2008 arredited and suppliers Aluminum sheet for fuel tanker trailer 5454 5182 5083 to internationally approved quality standard for applications. Aluminum sheet for fuel tanker trailer 5454 5182 5083 have excellent quality to satisfy customer's requirements.
Aluminum sheet for fuel tanker trailer use aluminum alloys with 5454, 5182 and 5083 aluminum plates. Aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailers have led the lightweight trend of the tanker industry and successfully subverted the design concept of traditional carbon steel tankers. At the same time, aluminum alloy tankers are expanding in market and will play an increasingly important role in road transport. Aluminum alloys commonly used in aluminum fuel tanker trailers are 5083 aluminum, 5454 aluminum and 5182 aluminum.
The 5083 aluminum alloy plate is a widely used aluminum fuel tanker. The main element is magnesium, which has good welding performance, corrosion resistance and processing properties, medium strength, and aluminum plate 5083 are usually used in the manufacture of liquid tankers such as fuel and oil tank trucks.
The 5182 tanker aluminum sheet is the latest high-magnesium alloy tanker. Its tensile strength and elongation value are relatively high. With welded by 5182 aluminum alloy, the mechanical properties in the weld can reach the minimum value specified for the base metal. The excellent quality of the 5182 aluminum plate improves the safety of the aluminum alloy fuel tanker.
The 5454 aluminum plate is suitable for aluminum-magnesium alloy fuel tankers used under high temperature conditions and has strong corrosion resistance.
The main raw materials of aluminum fuel tankers is 5083 aluminum plate . The common width of the 5083 aluminum sheet for fuel tanker on the market is 2.2 meters, the thickness is 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, and the performance of 5083 aluminum plate for fuel taker is stable, in line with the requirements of tanker processing.
Mingtai aluminum specializes in Aluminum sheet for fuel tanker trailer 5454 5182 5083 . with years of experience in manufacturing Aluminum sheet forfuel tanker trailer 5454 5182 5083. we offer high quality, lower prices but the best service. As a result to that our export account today is in various countries like Sandi arabia , Kuwait, Qatar, Oman,Yemen, UAE, Iran, Kazakhstan, Greece, Singapore, Thaliand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, South America, Brazil, Australia, Egypt. we welcome your inquiry.


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