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China aluminum alloy for mold application

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2020-05-11

Mold aluminium alloy generally require high strength heat treatable aluminum alloy plates that require good mechanical properties and are easy to process. According to the use and characteristics of the mold, the aluminum plate also needs to have corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Mold aluminum plate is generally based on 6000 series aluminum plate, represented by 6061 aluminum plate and 6082 aluminum plate. Due to its excellent characteristics, aluminium plate for mould can be used in injection mold, blow mold, low pressure mold and rubber mold in the mold industry.
Why does the 6061/6082 aluminium alloy plate can be used as the material of the mold aluminum plate? What are the application advantages of aluminium plate 6061/6082 alloy in the mold making? First, the 6061/6082 aluminium alloy plate is better in corrosion resistance and wear resistance performance, 6061/6082 aluminium alloy plate has good processing properties and excellent welding characteristics. Secondly, the 6000 series aluminium plate has high electroplating property, high corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, and the material is dense and free from defects. In addition, 6061/6082 aluminium alloy plate can also be used as raw materials for the processing and manufacture of body parts, tank car body, and can be used as a decorative plate or anti-corrosion plate in the construction field. ( aluminum plate manufacturers )
Mingtaialuminum produces aluminium alloy 6061/6082 with the tempers of O, T4, T6 and T651, and the thickness is 0.3-500mm. The 6061/6082 aluminum plates have stable properties, after processing, the deformation should be small, no trachoma, uniform quenching, and the oxidation effect is good.


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