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Composition and uses of pure aluminum sheet 1100 alloy

Author:Mingtai aluminum View: Time:2019-02-18

Composition and uses of pure aluminum sheet 1100 alloy
Aluminium is one of the most versatile metals used globally in a variety of applications. Aluminium forms compounds with other chemical elements easily and that is exactly the reason why different alloys of Aluminum has been developed based on its property and functionality.
1100 Aluminum Alloy: Its composition and properties
 One of the alloys of Aluminum is 1100 Alloy. It is a mixture of 99% minimum Aluminum with other metals like iron, copper, silicon, zinc, manganese and other residual forms.
 1100 Aluminum Alloy  is also known as ‘commercially pure aluminium’ and is the most popular grade used where high strength is not required. It can be strengthened by cold working but heat treatment is not possible. Even though it is the most heavy alloy among the 1000 series, it retains the benefits of light alloys.
1100 Aluminium Alloy is known for the resistance to corrosion and the reflective glazed finish it imbibes on the surface. This alloy also has excellent electrical conductivity, good formability and ductility.
1100 Aluminum Alloy: Its uses
1100 pure Aluminum sheet is prepared by pressing steel ingots between rolls. The desired thickness of the sheets can be obtained by adjusting the gap between the rollers. 1100 Aluminum Alloy is used for all sheet metal works where only moderate strength is required. The aluminium sheets are widely used in aviation sector, fin strips, fan blades construction and decorations. Also, it is used in heat exchangers, food containers, light reflectors, storage equipments, name plates, architectural flashings and light stressed panels.
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